Fat A.Z. Straight Rod Holder

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The Fat. A.Z. Straight Rod Holder is the ONLY rod mount for trolling. Period. Get the rod holder that does what no other on the market can do.

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The Fat A.Z. Straight Rod Holder by Fat A.Z. Musky Products combines the proven performance of Down-East holders with an innovation of their own: the ability to easily tip the rod for down rods or a fast tip up to make your baits run shallower. The result: more efficient trolling.

The original, straight base is solidly built to withstand the harshest (and coldest) conditions and equipped with friction discs so you can single-handedly lift or drop your rod’s position on the fly when trolling over varying depths of structure.

Fat A.Z. Straight Rod Holder in Action

Fat A.Z. Straight Rod Holder – Alternate Bases

The holders offer universal mounting with the added option of sliding the unit into a track, on a rail or bolting them directly to your boat. In addition to the straight base, other versions / mounting options include:

Extension Bracket – An add-on for your slanted or straight Fat A.Z. Rod Holder for situations where your track is mounted too far inward or if your gunwale is too narrow to have a track; you can use this as a vertical mount.

Slanted – Most popular. Provides extra reach over the side of your gunwale.

Rail Mount – By popular demand, this rail mount base is just as tippable, tension-adjustable with all the angles of the other versions. Rotating the base gives you control over the amount of reach your holder has for a straighter down rod.

Clamp-On – Everything you love about the Fat A.Z. Rod Holders paired with the Down-East S-10 Double Clamp rod holder. Available with the S-10 or just bracket and hardware.

Already have a Down-East holder? No problem!
You can order our holder on its own (‘base only' option).

“These Fat A.Z. rod holder mounts are the real deal! I’ve been using them for a few years now and don’t know how I got on without them!” – Danny Colomby

Simply the most user friendly system I've ever used. Why buy anything else because you're just gonna end up getting these eventually! – Zachary Baker

Precision trolling at it's best. – Michael Olson

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What holds the rod at the angle I want it set at? How will it stay in place?
A: Friction holds the rod in position. Our tests show it taking 25#+ at a distance of 12″ to tip the rod when tightened.

Q: I already have a Down-East rod holder – can I just buy your base?
A: Yes, we've made the ‘base only' option available so you can use your existing rod holder.

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Straight, Slanted, Rail Mount, Clamp-On


Base + Down East Rod Holder, Fat A.Z. Base Only, Bracket, Hardware & S-10, Fat A.Z. Bracket & Hardware Only

1 review for Fat A.Z. Straight Rod Holder

  1. Danny Colomby

    These Fat A.Z. rod holder mounts are the real deal! I’ve been using them for a few years now and don’t know how I got on without them! There are two functions that make these the ONLY rod mount for trolling. Firstly, they are built solid! This isn’t a flimsy piece of metal that’s gonna break in freezing cold weather. I use the slanted version to reach out over the side of my boat and let my ‘down’ rods stay vertical.
    Secondly and most importantly, the friction mount discs allow you to simply lift or drop your rod’s position when trolling over varying depths of structure. When you get a hit, simply push the rod handle down to lift the rod up where it’s easy to pull out of the holder. With an 8 foot rod, I employ three trolling positions. The down or vertical position gives me an added 3 feet of automatic depth while the ‘up’ position lifts the bait up 4 or 5 feet. The mid position is when the rod tip is just touching the surface. I calibrate my lure’s dive curve to this position ,i.e. 40 feet on the line counter gets you 10 feet down, 13 feet down in the ‘down’ position, and 5 to 6 feet in the up position. It’s a great system!
    I highly recommend the Fat A.Z. rod holder mounts!

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