The Psychology of Musky Fishing eBook

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The Psychology of Musky Fishing is a mini eBook that takes a look at 11 key aspects that play a role in determining the kind of angler you aspire to be and the level of success you will ultimately achieve.


Many of you musky chasers out there might be contemplating The Psychology of Musky Fishing saying to yourself, “this one should be interesting!” And it is. As the name implies, this eBook takes a look at the psychology behind musky fishing – – which is often what separates consistently successful anglers from frustrated ones.

The Psychology of Musky Fishing eBook covers the following:

  1. The Psychology of Musky Fishing
  2. Study Ethic
  3. Good Musky Attitude
  4. Biological Research Approach
  5. Effective Equipment
  6. Ego
  7. Peer Pressure
  8. Credibility
  9. Moving To The Next Level
  10. Knowledge is Power
  11. Spirituality

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1 review for The Psychology of Musky Fishing eBook

  1. Andy Pappas

    A pretty fun read for just the price of a coffee. I’ve asked my girlfriend to read it so that she’ll understand me better! LOL

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