The Original 60″ Muskie Bumper Musky Bump Board


The original Muskie Bumper was the first board of its kind to incorporate a fish-friendly hinge system and provide an accurate, floating measurement tool that was built to last. Quit measuring with your flimsy stick!

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The 60″ Muskie Bumper bump board measures fish down to a quarter of an inch to ensure you always get an accurate measurement for fish – you guessed it – up to 60 inches.

This musky bump board is made in the USA by musky fishermen, tournament proven and used by top musky guides. It has been designed to float, protect your catch, fold in both directions and never rust or corrode.

The Original Muskie Bumper

This original 60″ Muskie Bumper bump board features an 8″ deep deck to protect your catch from your boat's deck while you get a measurement.

(A 10″ deep “Fatboy” model came from feedback from muskie guide community and tournament anglers who were looking for an even wider board.)

The uniquely integrated hinge system is designed to further protect your fish while being measured. It also makes storage a breeze and can be folded in either direction: inward for storage or outward to measure smaller fish. Your Muskie Bumper bump board also floats so you can measure your fish in the water.

Muskie Bumper measuring a muskie

Bumper Construction

Muskie Bumper musky bump boards are built to last; a lot of time was spent prototyping to come up with the materials and style that you still see today, more than a decade later. The time-tested design has been proven to withstand the harshest fishing conditions thanks to the very durable plastic and weather resistant components that will never rust or corrode.

Muskie Bumper - Right-handed vs. Left-handed musky bump board | MuskyChasers

Do I buy a right or left-handed Musky Bump Board?

The original 60″ Muskie Bumper bump board is available in right or left handed configurations, but which is right for you? Assuming you take care of it, your Muskie Bumper will last for many years. You'll want to be sure to choose the one that works best for you.

It really comes down to how you hold your fish. Match the model to the hand you use to bring your fish out of the net. Not sure? Try acting out a fish release or reference pictures of your past catches.

Generally speaking, if you grab the fish with your left hand, a left-handed musky bump board is what you should buy. If you pull the fish out of the net with your right hand, you should choose the right-handed model. Another way to think about it is making the choice based on your dominant hand (especially if you tend to change which hand you use based on how the fish is hooked).


60″ Muskie Bumper Bump Board Features at-a-glance:

  • Tournament proven & used by many of the top guides
  • Floats for those who prefer to measure in the water
  • Innovative hinge system helps protect your catch
  • Accurately measure fish to the nearest 1/4″ increment, up to 60″
  • Dimensions: 60″ long x 8″ wide
  • Folds either way (down to 30″) for storage or measuring smaller fish
  • Integrated handle
  • Lightweight and durable; able to withstand the harshest elements
  • Built to last with components that will never rust or corrode
  • Available in right or left-handed versions
  • This is a “naked” board featuring only the Muskie Bumper logo
  • The first of its kind, produced since 2008
  • Based in Indiana, owned by muskie fishermen


Whether you choose the Original or the Fatboy, neither musky bump board will disappoint!

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