Sasquatch Lure Co. Giveaway Winner

Last month we teamed up with Sasquatch Lure Co. to give away one of their Double Tinsel Double 10 musky lures in a custom black & limetreuse color with matching leopard-frog patterned blades – a variation made exclusively for the MuskyChasers Market.

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, this is likely a familiar sight: (please note, the Sasquatch Lure Giveaway has now ended).

MuskyChasers and Sasquatch Lure Giveaway

This was the first time we have done a giveaway with Sasquatch Lure Co. and actually, the first giveaway that MuskyChasers has put on. If your name isn't the one announced below, don't worry, we plan to have many more in the future!

To enter, all you had to do was visit the Sasquatch Lure Giveaway page (now closed), answer a simple “skill testing” question and submit your entry. There was also the opportunity to earn more entries for by letting others know about the giveaway. Each person you referred gave you three more entries. Many of you took advantage of this, tipping the odds in your favor.


The contest came to a close August 26th, 2016 however we seem to have at least one fan that is still consistently promoting it on his Facebook page to this day. 🙂 In his defense, the announcement is only going out now…

And the reason for that is simple. On the 26th we did our random drawing and contacted the pending winner via email. No response. After a number of attempts and nearly 2 weeks of waiting, we sent a final email warning that if we did not hear a reply, the prize would be forfeit. And that's exactly what happened. Lucky news for our new winner (who promptly replied to the congratulatory email!).

This is a good reminder to those who enter contests – use an email address that you actually check!

We don't like skipping a drawn name, especially during summer holiday wrap-up, but plenty of time was given and the general populace wanted to know who won!


Sasquatch Lure Giveaway Tweet - Who Won -
Without further ado, the winner of the MuskyChasers exclusive Double Tinsel Double 10 lure from Sasquatch Lure Co. is:
Troy Barron Fishing with Dave Dorazio
And the winner is: Troy Barron of St. John, IN
Troy Barron with Kids at Chippewa Flowage

Congratulations Troy!

When we touched base with Troy he seemed pretty excited:

“This is great news. Thanks. I'm excited about using the bait this fall… I never win anything, so this is exciting.”

In addition to the feature image above with Dave Dorazio of Dave Dorazio Outdoors guide service and a sweet musky in-hand, Troy also sent us this picture of him and his kids at the Chippewa Flowage.

Well consider your win-less streak broken Troy, and we do hope the bait lands you some trophy catches! And when it does, we'd love to see the pictures and hear the stories in the MuskyChasers Community!

We would like to thank Sasquatch Lure Co. for participating in this giveaway. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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